Shania Harness

We are starting this week with a mini artist feature from Young Photographer Shania Harness, who is also from Norfolk which is where the OP is based!

Give her work lots of love+ keep reading…

Q1: What is your Name, Age, and Where are you based?

Hi, I’m Shania Harness, I am 19 and am a Norfolk based photographer. 

Q2: How did you first get into your creative practice/ work?

I have always been a creative person, I think I first realised this in primary school when I won 1st prize in the art category of the Norfolk Show (seemed like a big deal at the time), this creativity became even greater when I received my first camera- I took it everywhere, it even had a waterproof case so I used to dip it into the water while canoeing along Norfolk’s peaceful rivers, yes the images were mostly blurry but it sparked a passion. 

Q3: Are there any main or overarching themes you explore in your work?

I love to experiment, my current project is based around escapism- going somewhere you have daydreamed of, but in miniature form. Although a lot of my work revolves around being outside. 

Q4: Highlight one of your biggest inspirations!

The outdoors- I could spend hours exploring!

Q5: Where can you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

I hope to have just finished a degree in natural history and marine photography and start exploring the photography industry. Maybe working for somewhere like national geographic or even just travel the world with my camera. Who knows! 

All images by Shania Harness! You can follow her on Instagram!



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