This will be the final post for Summer of 2020 on The Orange Peel Art Collective!

Our New Logo

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to all the creatives, activists and amazing people who have been involved in The OP this summer! This Collective is a big passion project for myself (Elsie) and co creator (Daisy), since first starting in 2018 we have loved working with and promoting creatives in Norfolk- and have expanded to other parts of the U.K and beyond!

This year has been difficult for us and probably everyone… but we wanted to keep the collective going for our own creative drive and to give others something interesting and fun to look forward to reading/ viewing! And help everyone remember that you can stay creative at anytime in your lives no matter the obstacles you face!

I wanted to share some STATS that The OP has created this summer before I finish!

-We have made 28 new posts

-Written over 13,000 words

-524 People have viewed our blog, from 23 different countries!

This is a Map of the countries from where people have viewed the OP.

-Featured 19 New Creatives

-Tracey Emin has been the most popular Artist mentioned on our blog!

-Gained over 150 Followers on Instagram

-And received 1 Hate Message!! (WOOHOO OUR FIRST ONE)

Thankyou so much for all the Love and Support GANG

Hopefully see you again soon! PEACE OUT!

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