Ruby Cascarina

Todays Orange Peel post its from our Youngest Artist Feature so far! And we are super excited to showcase Ruby’s art work!

Keep reading bellow to find out more about her creative process…

Q1: What is your Name, Age, and Where are you based?

A: My name is Ruby Cascarina, 16, based in Hertfordshire.

Q2: How did you first get into your creative practice/ work?

A: Growing up I felt quite talentless. I wasn’t very sporty or good at any musical instruments etc, just average and there was nothing special about me.However, I was always a creative person but it wasn’t up until I moved into secondary school that I really started to enjoy art and thought it was something I could be good at. Particularly going into year 10, at the start of the GCSE course, I really started to practice more and it was encouraging to hear positive comments from teachers and classmates. From there I continued to draw and paint both for school work and for fun and it is satisfying to see myself improve over the years!

Q3: Are there any main or overarching themes you explore in your work?

A: Doing art at school, all of my sketchbooks had a theme. Whether that be issues surrounding mental health, climate change etc. and it was inspiring to research artists and see that the majority of them had a reason to create art and a message they wanted to spread. Although I have made paintings about topics I am passionate about, including the Black Lives Matter movement, there isn’t just one idea that I always link back to!

I also know that I am still miles away from meeting my potential when it comes to my art so as I progress and find my style, I hope to find a purpose in the things I create

Image from Rubys Instagram @artandruby

 Q4: Highlight one of your biggest inspirations!

A: My whole family are creative people; my dad is an animator, my mum is in the fashion industry and my grandparents were artists. My preferred style of art relates closest to my grandparents and I hope to one day be as good as they were, so I would say they are my biggest inspiration. I am lucky to be surrounded by art in my home and be able to look back on the works of my grandparents as I think that it is important to experience other peoples art in order to improve at my own.

Q5: Where can you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

A: In 5 years time I hope to be studying art at university or maybe doing an apprenticeship for something art related. My biggest fear is ending up doing some sort of uncreative job that will bore me all day!

In an ideal world I will be able to sell my art full-time but ultimately I just want to continue to improve, challenge myself and experiment, but whatever I am doing in 5 years I will definitely still be painting!

Painting by Ruby Cascarina
Painting by Ruby Cascarina
Painting by Ruby Cascarina

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Sophia Wakeman

Today we are very excited to be publishing our first Artist Feature of summer 2020! !WOOHOO!

Myself and Sophia had a “New Normal” Zoom call meeting to discuss life, art, and the future!…

Q1- What is your Name, Age, and Where are you based?

A:  Its Sophia Wakeman, I’m 19 and I’m based in Cambridgeshire, well just in-between Norfolk and Cambridge.

Q2: What is your creative practice/ work?

A: Digital artwork at the moment, I used to do traditional art but didn’t have the facilities. I use a free version of Procreate for my computer to make the work. Its nothing fancy but works well for me!

Q3: Are there any main themes you explore in your work?

A: Drag Queens! I gravitate towards celebrities and mostly Drag artists for their eccentric looks and makeup, its different than just drawing a regular portrait. I tried landscape but it just fizzled out, then moved more towards portraits. People message me asking if I will do specific portraits of Queens, thats why I drew Crystal Methyd because someone asked me to do her, they helped that person become themselves. 

Q4: How has the COVID-19 Pandemic affected your work?

A: I think I’ve been more motivated, as I have more time on my hands. I don’t have the pressure of completing my college assignments, so I can explore the work that I want to produce.!

Q5: Highlight one of your inspirations!

A: There’s is one person, her name is Francoise Nielly, she creates portraits using just pallet knives and spatulas, not tradition brushes. She’s one of the first artists I ever took inspiration from in secondary school, and I want my work to be bright and colourful like hers! When you scroll past it you can’t help but look.

Q6: Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

A: Hopefully the goal is to be a self-sufficient full-time artist, selling work that supports myself. Thats the dream! I want to have a year or two focusing on myself and my work and maybe go to University, but that could always change.

Q7: If you could share a message young artists, what would it be?

A: Just- Do your art work for you! Don’t do it to gain an audience or please people, I did that for a while to create a following on Instagram but it doesn’t make you happy. Now I produce work to please myself. I feel like if you enjoy making the art and put yourself into then people notice your passion.

To see more of Sophias work and support her, check out her Instagram– @ wakemanart

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Thanks for Reading!- Elsie.

Sophia Wakeman- Crystal Methyd Portrait.

Sophia Wakeman- Violet Chachki Portrait.

Sophia Wakeman- Gigi Goode Portrait

Sophia Wakeman

Sophia Wakeman- Tiffany Hunt Portrait.