Phoebe Winter

Augusts final feature is from Printmaker Phoebe Winter! Keep reading to find out more about her passions and work!-

Q1:What is your name, age, and where are you based?

A: Phoebe Winter, 20 Years old, Based: Isle of Wight when away from UNI at Brighton.

Q2: How did you first get into your creative practice/ work?

A: Had an interest in art since primary school which developed into a passion during A-levels where I began to think of it as a career choice. I began experimenting with what styles and mediums I could use to express my chosen topics, developing my love for art and its impact on human emotion even more. Moving to university in Brighton has only made my desire to enter the art work more prominent, as both a Female + Feminist artist.

Q3: Are there any main or overarching themes you explore in your work?

A: Feminism as a whole, female objectification and sexualisation, the natural female body and most recently an exploration into the commonplace of sexual assault in modern society. My work has definitely altered the way I see myself, as well as how my artwork and appearance can be used to challenge social ideals of women.

 Q4: Highlight one of your biggest inspirations!

A: Tracy Emin is definitely one of my biggest inspirations. Her use of installation to confront social topics in an uncensored fashion creates an environment in which the audience is forced to question her motives and desires for the piece. Her pieces that have been most influential to me are ‘My Bed’ 1998 and ‘Everyone I have ever slept with’ 1963-1995. More often than not her artworks create discomfort and confusion due to their uncensored and confrontational nature, both feelings which force a person’s mind to think deeper in order to understand, something I have began to experiment with in order to force my audience to question the realities of female objectification and sexual assault. 

‘Everyone I have ever slept with’ By Tracey Emin.

Q5: Where can you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

A: I don’t have a definite plan 5 years from now, however as long as I am creating and doing what I enjoy, I will be happy. I would ideally like to get some works in a gallery, and hopefully be living in Brighton full time while creating artwork!

‘Red bodies, black crosses’ by Phoebe Winter
‘Miss Collage’ by Phoebe Winter
‘Pink’ -etching by Phoebe Winter
‘Frilly Suspender’ print by Phoebe Winter

To find more of Pheobe and her artwork you can go to her Instagram!

Keep your eyes PEELED for more work and Pieces for the OP from Phoebe also…