Emily Coulson

We are proud to feature another creative today from North Norfolk, where the Orange Peel is based!

Keep reading to find out more about Emily, her artwork+ Lino Printing!

Q1: What is your Name, Age, and Where are you based?

A: My name is Emily Coulson, I’m 21 and currently living in North Norfolk, (while searching for a house in central Norwich).

Q2: How did you first get into your creative practice/ work?

A: I started carving Lino Prints towards the end of my A-levels in 2017, then forgot about Lino printing for much of my first year of Uni. I started again during the summer between 1st and 2nd year of university after I realised I had been working mostly digitally during 1st year, and this was just not fun to me. Lino printing was something that allowed me to enjoy the process as well as the result. This has become really central to any work I produce – there has to be some hand-made element of unpredictability o surprise to the result, which there almost always is with Lino.

Q3: Are there any main or overarching themes you explore in your work?

A: Increasingly my work explores+practices sustainability (:the ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level. And avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance.) I have a recycling bin in my studio that isn’t really even a recycling bin as I dip in to it for materials to collage with. Or I use my misprints/ notes etc and then shred them to create packaging filler. I’ve recently been trying to make new paper out of the old scraps too. It has become a fun challenge for me to create work from the old, because I don’t see simply throwing anything out as an option anymore. As for the work I actually create, I almost always look to the past for the imagery I like to produce. Objects that are made with good craftmanship, a story behind them, things that are one-offs, unique. I prefer to look to the past, before the era of plastic mass production!

Q4: How has the COVID- 19 Pandemic affected your work?

A: Prior to Covid-19, I was working 5 days a week in a restaurant, then squeezing in making things either in the early hours of the morning or the other 2 days a week. Since lockdown started though I do feel like I’ve had the most productive 3 months of my life… I’ve been able to focus on my practice, how I want to create work, without any other disruptions whatsoever. It’s kind of been like having a years’ worth of personal creative growth crammed into 3 months!

Q5: Highlight one of your biggest inspirations!

A: One of my favourite artists/ printmakers is Eric Ravilious. His way of creating ‘pure pattern’ within his watercolour paintings is something that I completely adore. Ravilious had this ability to include so much pattern within one work, but make it so that the whole piece is still beautifully balanced. The same goes for his woodblock engravings, so many shapes and patterns within one piece but the compositions are so well thought out that it works wonderfully. 

Q6: Where can you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

A: I’d ideally like to be a freelance Illustrator, without a part time job by then! I’d hope to have really consolidated the way I want to work, and then be in a place to manage creating both work for myself to sell, and creating work for clients. I would really like to do something to help others like myself, starting a career in the creative industry. Teaching Lino print classes maybe? Or mentoring a local creative? I don’t know, but it’s definitely something I’d like to be doing by 5 years into the future, so I can give something back to the creative community. 

Q7: If you could share a message with the world, what would it be?

A: Right now I’d say… Please do your research before you buy things – everything and anything! No fast fashion! Re-use and recycle! Buy second hand! OR buy it independent! Spend that little bit more money to make a small business grow AND get something that will actually last you a lifetime and means something!

Art work by Emily Coulson
Art work by Emily Coulson
Art work by Emily Coulson

Everyone knows the drill by now…To find more of Emilys work and support her you can go to he Instagram! Where you will also be able to find her Etsy store!


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